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Diamond technology enables a shock-free and dust-free drilling of holes with diameters from fi=10mm to fi=1200mm. Drilling can be carried out at a freely selectable angle of inclination.

Advantages: no vibrations, which can impair the construction of the object, precision, low noise level.


Cutting is carried out in diamond technology using diamond saws.

Due to its capabilities and advantages, this technique can be used in a variety of applications such as cutting surfaces, walls, reinforced material, oblique cutting, stair cutting, door cutting, window cutting and other applications as required.


Reinforcement of structures with carbon strips, compression of carbon strips, reinforcement of structures with carbon mats, reinforcement of structures with glass mats, reinforcement and sealing of structures with injection techniques, reinforcement of structures with steel elements, repair of reinforced concrete with PCC materials, horizontal insulation with injection technique.


Cracks occurring in the structure shorten their life and reduce their safety. Pressure injections are a modern solution that restores functionality, resilience and maximum safety of concrete, brick or stone surfaces. Holes are filled with a special sealant under pressure, which effectively eliminates cracks and voids.

Advantages: short execution time, no additional work, possibility to carry out work regardless of season and weather conditions, result of repairs visible after a few hours.

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